A CIO’s Guide To Adopting FinOps

Translating Cloud Computing Costs Into Business Value

A CIO’s Guide to FinOps

This white paper introduces Technology Leaders to the concepts of FinOps, why it is important and how they can drive value in their business

The perceptions of how technology manages its budget and drives value to the business is a strategic misalignment that could threaten your company’s future performance—one that may already be stunting its growth through excessive waste.

Download this white paper by to discover how and why the adoption of FinOps is critical to your organisation to juggle the competing forces:
The need for innovation velocity to drive growth;

  • Finance & Procurement leaders seeking reductions in cost; and
  • Meeting the service improvements which are technology driven.

You can also watch a video on “Starting Your FinOps Journey” with our Consulting Director, Jez Back, which complements this white paper.

This brief video will give you some tips on where and how to start adopting FinOps in your organisation.