Cloud Cost Optimisation Aftercare

After successfully delivering cloud cost optimisation projects, we continue to support our clients as they mature their cloud cost management capability.
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Our philosophy is to support our clients after their successful cloud cost optimisation initiatives by providing regular check-ins, reviews and offering additional training to accredit your people as FinOps practitioners, whilst also making sure the benefits stick.

This value for money service allows our clients to have external validation that the changes made during the cloud cost optimisation initiatives are sustained or been improved upon and tap into the experience of our people as their FinOps practice matures across the organisation.

Thebes Cloud Management Approach

Our aftercare service conducts monthly check-ins to review the quality state of tagging, rightsizing, resource stop and termination as well as reservations and commitments.  This is to validate that the changes that have been made are maintained as well as provide bespoke training to the client for FinOps accreditation as well as any additional features that their cloud cost optimisation tooling that have been released.

We will also conduct Quarterly & Annual reviews to identify any trends and measure the performance against the Objective & Key Results that were determined in the Cloud Cost Optimisation initiative.

CCO Aftercare

How we create successful outcomes

We engage and provide the following during an aftercare service:

    • Regular Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reviews
    • FinOps Training & Certification aimed at Engineer, IT Finance & Business personas
    • Monthly healthchecks for Tagging, Rightsizing, Termination & Commitments
    • Ad hoc training of new features of tooling