Cloud Cost Optimisation

Optimise your cloud spend by up to 35% to eliminate waste and unlock budget for innovation, as well as make the right trade-offs to achieve business growth.
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We help organisations to unlock budget to drive innovation and move from running their IT organisation to growing the business. Using cloud cost optimisation tooling and Thebes Cloud Management’s ATAI Framework – we help senior IT leaders make smarter decisions to analyse, plan, optimise, control and collaborate on technology investments to reduce IT expenditure and balance increasing pressures on IT budgets.

Thebes Cloud Management Approach

We help our clients to logically and progressively work through the inform, optimise, and operate phases of the FinOps lifecycle. Further, our approach to meet your requirements is based on a more holistic one that is beyond simplistic well architected reviews and basic cost controls.  Critically, we are your partner in this journey.  We will deliver these outcomes with you, not to you.

Our philosophy is to equip and enable your teams for longer term success by creating momentum with quick wins, building experience and capability for longer term and ongoing success across four dimensions of business, technology, governance and finance.

By shifting the focus from a binary cost perspective, our approach will introduce differentiated value-based conversations that relate directly to the business.  This supports you by giving visibility of the cost and performance of your cloud spend as well as aligning products and services to the business portfolio.  This, in turn, frees up budget to allow for investment in innovation and gives greater agility to respond to market opportunities and conditions.

Concurrently, we will establish the foundations of a FinOps capability that will begin to future-proof your organisation in the techniques required to proactively manage the technology estate from a cost and value perspective.

The outputs include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) information, scenario development and selection as well as a “To Be” scenario solution to optimise your existing estate – all in a fraction of the time of traditional legacy methods.

CCO Outcomes

How we create successful outcomes

We work with you to identify where your cloud and IT spend is, both in the IT department and across the wider business, to create a complete picture – then provide recommendations on how to:

    • Immediate remediation of waste and overprovisioned resources
    • Introduction of FinOps capability, supporting cost ownership, visibility and optimisation
    • Implementation of a process of commercial optimisation
    • Onboarding client staff to enable on-going self-service

We will enable cost optimisation outcomes to be created and acted on.  This frees up budget to execute the innovation and development needed to gain competitive advantage, or reduce overall spend and add to the bottom line.

What does strategic success look like?

Cross organisational Cross organisational trust and goodwill

Breaking down Breaking down of departmental silos
Accountability and auditability Accountability and auditability
Reduction in cloud waste = lower costs Reduction in cloud waste = lower costs
Acceleration in innovation Acceleration in innovation
cloud bills
Fewer panic attacks when cloud bills arrive