Cloud Migration Cost Planning

Migrating to Cloud can easily lose benefits and ROI unless planned and executed with a clear sight of cost allocation. Gain control of the business case with accurate forecasting of migration and run costs using our services.
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Cloud adoption is mandatory for any organisation that wishes to meet the challenges of the modern digital landscape.  Realising the benefits of agility and flexibility whilst maintaining regulatory and compliance requirements can be achieved at the same time as managing cost and disruption.

Justify your investment by adopting a FinOps approach from the outset and understand the fully loaded costs not just of the migration, but also of the future forecasted spend. This will allow your organisation to achieve the benefits of your business case and drive the most value from your cloud technology investments.

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Thebes Cloud Management Approach

Through collaborative and rapid engagement, we work with our clients to accelerate traditional methods of Cloud migration strategy analysis, decision making and delivery.  Using a combination of tooling, our ATAI™ Framework and world-class migration expertise we provide clarity to the highest value services to migrate first, avoids “regret-spend” by having a comprehensive plan with fully loaded costs and predictable points when to invest.


How we create successful outcomes

We work with you during the cloud migration journey and provide the following: 

    • Benefits case of the move to the Cloud for a desired set of IT services
    • Target Cloud infrastructure platforms (compute, database, storage and connectivity requirements), based on existing specifications, adjusted for historical usage and validated against known SLAs
    • Detailed project costs (TCO per annum)
    • Detailed activity plan
    • Estimated migration effort and recommended tooling
    • Post-migration aftercare service