Understanding how to implement a FinOps team and understanding the challenges and best approaches of achieving success is the first step.

In this webinar, we will dive into the real world experience of our panel on how organisations have been successful in moving their cloud spend from “Run the Business” to “Grow the Business” whilst factoring in the challenges that are presented on the journey. In addition, we will cover how to speed up the adoption of FinOps in your organisation and how to help teams take action to tackle cloud waste.

Join our expert panel who are experienced in helping organisations across the globe successfully adopt FinOps and manage the challenges that CIOs face in IT cost management.

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear how organisations are building out their FinOps practice to help scale their public cloud environments in an ever-changing world.
  • Get answers to key questions around building a FinOps practice, such as how big should it be? Where should it sit within your organisation and who should sit in the team?

Understand how Thebes Cloud Management complements FinOps good practices helping to tackle cloud waste and develop a FinOps mindset.

Thursday 30th Sept








Time: 11:00 – 12:30


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Mike Bradbury

Consultant and Certified FinOps Practitioner

Mike Bradbury is a consultant and certified FinOps practitioner.  An ex teacher, Naval Officer and Royal Marine Commando, Mike managed IT consulting businesses in the US and UK for many years before focusing on cloud computing and FinOps. He is a leading contributor to the work of the FinOps Foundation (www.finops.org) and is currently responsible for re-writing the Foundation’s Engineering Action Playbook (www.finops.org/projects/encouraging-engineers-to-take-action/), revising the FinOps Framework (www.finops.org/introduction/what-is-finops/) and designing the new ‘FinOps Certified Professional’ training course and examination. Mike’s focus is on training organizations to transform themselves into high-performing digital enterprises by accelerating the culture change required to get the most out of cloud services, while providing an enjoyable and satisfying work environment for their engineers.

In today’s session, Mike will look at what the recent State of FinOps survey (https://data.finops.org/) has discovered about the challenges FinOps practitioners are facing in engaging with cloud engineering teams.  He will share some of the key points that emerged from this survey and show how businesses are ‘nudging’ their cloud engineers towards behaviours that optimise both business value and cost.

Jez Back

Consulting Director – Thebes Cloud Management

Jez joins Thebes Group from having run his own consultancy business for 3 years. He has previously worked at Deloitte, HP & EDS where he has spent 14 years in the technology sector mainly focused on cloud technology.

On Thebes Cost Management, he said, “I am thrilled to be leading this new subsidiary in the Thebes Group family. My why is about helping others realise their ambitions, so that they can make their mark on the world. By using FinOps, Technology Business Management and the partnerships we are already growing – we can fix our clients cloud costs at pace. These are exciting times and the time to do this is absolutely now.”

Idaliz Baez

Principal Consultant & Partner Manager

Thebes Cloud Management

Idaliz Baez is an enthusiastic, experienced Solutions Consultant, Product Marketing, and Cloud Practitioner with a proven track record for fostering successful proof of values and driving business growth by speaking at conferences, creating technical blogs, videos, and webinars.

At Thebes Cloud Management, Idaliz leads the Cloud Optimisation team focused on providing timely insights, governance and improving the unit economics of cloud spend.

She is a FinOps certified practitioner and an active member of the FinOps Foundation. As the Principal Partner Manager, she coaches clients and maintains vendor partner relationships by enabling a cross-functional collaboration to bridge the gap between technology, business, and finance teams.



Mark Chillingworth

European CIO, CTO, writer, moderator, analyst & advisor & Chair of the Horizon CIO Forum

Mark Chillingworth has been observing, speaking and writing about and hosting CIO/CTO community events and podcasts since January 2008.

Today Chillingworth works as a writer, editor and moderator for leading publications, CIOs and IT Teams as well as foremost technology service providers and chairs the Horizon CIO Network, a closed community of European and UK CIOs and CTOs.

Chillingworth spent 8 years as the Editor in Chief of CIO UK and created the CIO Summit and CIO 100 formats in a tenure that took the title from failure to award winner.