Look no further than Thebes Cloud Management! Our team specialises in providing expert Cloud Cost Optimisation services that can help your business save money and increase efficiency. In this video, we'll break down exactly how our services work and how they have led to great results and outcomes for our clients.


Our Services

We support you along all stages of your cloud journey to Educate, Empower & Enable your teams to realise the benefits of your cloud investment

Cloud Migration Cost Planning

Understand the fully-loaded costs of not just migration to cloud, but also the future forecasted spend

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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Reduce your cloud spend to eliminate waste, unlock budget for innovation, and achieve business growth

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After cost optimisation projects, we support you as you mature your cloud cost management capability

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FinOps Certified Training

Learn from accredited FinOps Foundation trainers and become a FinOps Certified Practitioner

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Featured Case Study - Evri

Read how we reduced cloud spend at Evri (formally Hermes) by 22% in just 12 weeks, established a FinOps capability within the organisation, and achieved cost transparency for their products and services.

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Chris Ashworth
In just 12 weeks, we saw a significant reduction in our AWS spend, this is critical to delivery of the value creation plan. We also now have an AWS estate that enables strategic growth
Chris Ashworth
CEO, Evri

Selected customers and partners

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The ATAI™ Wave

Using our proprietary ATAI™ Framework, deep experience and proven track record, we can help you address your technology cost challenges, remove waste and realise financial opportunities to their fullest extent in a modular, interactive way. We provide pragmatic guidance and support to help you realise your cost ambitions, form your cloud financial strategy and enable transparency of costs.



Become a Certified FinOps Practitioner

FinOps Practitioners are extremely sought after and remunerated accordingly, so if you want to be ahead of the curve in cloud services then becoming a FinOps Certified Practitioner is the best next step for you...

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FinOps Certified Training Provider

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