Cloud Cost Optimisation

Optimise your cloud spend by up to 30% to eliminate waste and unlock budget for innovation, as well as make the right trade-offs
to achieve business growth


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Optimise your cloud spend and establish a FinOps capability to create competitive advantage

We help organisations to unlock budget to drive innovation and move from running their IT organisation to growing the business. Using cloud cost optimisation tooling and Thebes Cloud Management’s ATAI™ Framework – we help senior IT leaders make smarter decisions to analyse, plan, optimise, control and collaborate on technology investments to reduce IT expenditure and balance increasing pressures on IT budgets.


How we create successful outcomes during our cloud cost optimisation service


Eliminate Waste

We help you rapidly remediate waste and overprovisioned resources, which will significantly reduce your cloud bill. 

We will enable cost optimisation outcomes to be created and acted on.  This frees up budget to execute the innovation and development needed to gain competitive advantage, or reduce overall spend and add to the bottom line.

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eliminate waste

Establish FinOps Capability

Introduction of FinOps capability, supporting cost ownership, visibility and optimisation.

We enable your organisation to get maximum value from your cloud investment by educating engineering, finance and business teams to collaborate on data-driven decisions.

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Enable Self-Service

Our philosophy is to educate and enable your teams for longer-term success by creating momentum with quick wins, building experience and capability for longer-term and ongoing success across the four dimensions of business, technology, governance and finance.

By doing this, we empower your feature and product teams to manage their own usage of cloud against their budget.

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Unit Economics

We establish a FinOps capability that will begin to future-proof your organisation in the techniques required to proactively manage the technology estate from a cost and value perspective.

By understanding the unit value of your cloud spend you will be able to see the difference between bad growth and good growth in your cloud bill.

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