Our Values

Good People, Doing Good Things





Customers are our first obsession

- Start with them and work backwards
- Earn their trust and their respect every day
Customers Are Our First Obsession

Act & Review Often

- Everyone is empowered to take action if it is common sense or aligns with the goal
- Delay is the killer of innovation
- You can make a mistake, learn from it & be better
- Review it fast and often to make sure it works

Act And Review Often


- Eliminate over complex narrative and imagery – drive clarity in everything
- Greatness lies in simplicity. Constantly ask if it can be made more clear, efficient or easier
- Zoom into the detail, then zoom out to make sure it aligns with the goal



If It's Broken - Fix It

- There are no points in saying it isn’t your job
- Take ownership of seeing something broken is fixed

If Its Broken - Fix It

Be Curious

- Continuously learn
- Take diverse opinions, feedback is a gift
- Challenge your thinking

Be Curious

Enjoy It

- Relish the wins, love your work
- If you see anyone not enjoying it, ask why

Enjoy It

Adopt the Anti-Pattern

Own It - think like a founder

- Ask yourself if your decision is one you would invest your money in
- Be frugal with cost
- Back yourself

Think Like A Founder

Be honest whilst respectful

- Integrity is vital, don’t shrink away from the tough conversation
- Always be respectful when you disagree

Be Honest Whilst Respectful

Politics are unhealthy

- Scoring points over people or blocking them from achieving their goals hurts us all

Politics are unhealthy

We like to have it

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