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Supporting you as you mature your FinOps capability

We support our clients as they continue to mature their cloud cost optimisation and FinOps capabilities.

This value for money service allows our clients to have external validation that the changes made during the cloud cost optimisation initiatives are sustained or have been improved upon. You tap into the experience of our people as your FinOps practice matures across the organisation.


How we create successful outcomes during our aftercare and training services


Regular Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reviews

We will conduct Quarterly & Annual reviews to identify any trends, and measure the performance against the Objective & Key Results that were determined during the Cloud Cost Optimisation initiative.

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FinOps Training & Certification

The FinOps Certified Practitioner training is a great way to prepare for the FinOps Practitioner certification: it covers FinOps Fundamentals and an overview of key concepts in each of the three sections of the FinOps lifecycle: Inform, Optimise and Operate.

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Monthly Cloud Estate Health Checks

We will conduct monthly check-ins to review the quality state of tagging, rightsizing, resource scheduling and terminations as well as reservations and commitments.

This will help you validate that the changes that have been made are maintained so that your FinOps capability can stay on track with your business strategy.

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Tooling - Recommendations & Training

It's important to have the right tooling available to your organisation as you go through your cloud journey.

The State Of FinOps survey found that there's usually no one tool that will cover everything you want to achieve, with organisations sometimes using a combination of native, 3rd-party and home-grown tools.

We will support you make the right informed decision to maximise benefits.

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