Cloud Migration Cost Planning

Gain control of your cloud migration business case with accurate forecasting of migration and run costs


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Achieve the results you expect from your cloud migration

Justify your investment by adopting a FinOps approach from the outset and understand the fully-loaded costs of the migration and the future forecasted spend. This will allow your organisation to achieve the benefits of your business case and drive the most value from your cloud technology investments.


How we create successful outcomes during our migration planning service


Benefits Case

We understand that there are many reasons why an organisation might want to move to the cloud. This is why we work with you to understand your goals to ensure you achieve the benefits you set out to make.

Our value-driven approach will create a business case across the four dimensions of Technology, Finance, Business and Governance.

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Project Costs

Using a combination of tooling, our ATAI™ Framework and world-class migration expertise, we rapidly build a picture of your target cloud infrastructure platforms (compute, database, storage and connectivity requirements)

This allows us to create a fully costed cloud adoption plan to define the Total Cost of Ownership per annum of your future cloud consumption costs

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Detailed Roadmap

Application Wave Planning involves creating wave groups of associated servers, virtual machines or applications that will transition to the target cloud solution in the same time period.

We work with you to understand risks for the migration and for the business, as well as the balance of the resources required in the waves, to create a detailed and fully resourced migration plan.

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Post-migration services

We validate successful migration to the cloud and make sure that best practices are maintained for managing cloud costs moving forward, making sure that you are set up for success to reach your strategic goals.

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